Pet Transportation

Is my pet too large to transport?

For very large breeds, you have the option of custom ground transportation or flying. We can custom-build airline-approved kennels for very large dogs, but only major airports (Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle) will accept them

Is my pet too small to transport?

No pet is too small.

​Can my pet fly in cold weather?

The "too cold to fly" myth confuses many pet owners - no one wants to see their beloved family member suffer from cold or overheating. The airlines that we use are experienced in animal transport, and your pet rides in a climate-controlled section with the same atmospheric conditions (including pressure and temperature) as the cabin. The only concern is whether takeoff and landing conditions exceed +75 or -5 degrees F. Typically, we can work around this by booking on evening flights in warmer weather or scheduling around a storm for colder weather.

While waiting for their flight (once checked in), your pet waits in an indoor area, out of the elements, where airline cargo staff keeps tabs on them.

Can my brachycephalic pet fly?

Brachycephalic animals, commonly known as snub-nose breeds, include dogs such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Mastiffs, Pekingese, Lhasa Apsos, and Shih Tzus; cats such as Himalayan, Burmese, and Persian.

"Brachy" means "shortened" and "cephalic" means "head"  - literally, the skull bones of a brachycephalic animal are shortened in length, giving the face and nose a "pushed in" appearance. Because of the shorter bones of the face and nose, the anatomy and relationships with other soft tissue structures are altered and can cause physical problems, particularly with breathing. Because of this, snub-nosed breeds face a higher risk when flying - but this does not mean they cannot fly. You can help prepare your pet by ensuring that they are healthy, have been cleared by a veterinarian, and are familiar with the crate in which they will be transported (thus reducing stress levels).

We fly snub-nose breeds all over the world.  Bulldogs are restricted from all commercial flights domestically in USA.

For more specific information on snub-nose breeds, please visit our page on the subject.

I've heard horror stories about pets flying with commercial airlines. Will my pet be safe?

Most of what is out there is just that - horror stories. The fact is, many breeders, zoos, and even participants of AKC shows and the Iditarod fly animals all over the world for events and relocation. The most important factor is whether you are educated about your pet's overall health pre-flight. It's also important that you are educated about which airline you choose.

According to U.S. airlines interviewed and U.S. Department of Transportation documents, fewer than 0.01% of animals that are transported via airlines have any sort of related incident. (The airlines we choose to use have a record of 0.001-0.008% or fewer) Of those incidents, most are due to the pet owners themselves.

The most common factors that lead to issues with travel include:

  • The age of the pet
  • The health of the pet before travel
  • Owners administering tranquilizers
  • Inadequate kennel construction

Dog Gone Taxi uses only airlines with extensive experience in transporting animals. Your pet will fly in a separate compartment from non-live cargo, one that is under the same atmospheric conditions as the cabin. We require airline-compliant kennels with bolt (not snap-on) fasteners, adequate ventilation, and proper sizing. (We can proved kennels for you, as needed.) We require a current health certificate on all pets no matter how they travel with us.

Visit this link to learn more about kennels and sizing.

​To read more in-depth about the studies and interviews mentioned above, visit this link.


Will there be other dogs?

For local trips, it depends on the day & time. Generally, all dogs we transport are well-socialized and are ok riding loose in the cargo space.
For long distance trips, no. Our long distance drives are custom, meaning we only move a single family's pets and their belongings.

Can I ride along?

Sorry, no. We are only licensed as a pet transport company. If an owner needs to ride along in an emergency we can take them as a non-paid passenger - subject to driver's discretion - and only on local drives.

Do I need to be home for pickup/dropoff?

No. However you must provide instructions on how to get the dog from your property to our vehicle. [Examples: "Dog is in backyard" or "Key is under mat."] We must be able to ensure your pets are secure at all times.

Can you take instructions/food to pet's destination?

Yes. Any forms that need to go daycare or boarding we can drop off for you with your pet. We are not responsible for instructions you give the boarding facility - you need to make reservations with them separately.

​for international or domestic long distance quotes


What kind of vehicle will my dog be in?

All of our pet transportation vehicles are non-smoking. The vehicles may be hatchback, SUV, or wagon. There is typically a barrier between driver and pets for everyone's safety. Vehicles may vary based on distance, number of pets, and pet sizes. We may rent a vehicle in order to best accommodate your pets' move.

Do I need to provide kennel?

For ground pet shipping  transportation, we do not require kennels for dogs. Your dog can ride in a kennel (you provide) or relax in the comfy padded cargo space. We do require kennels for cats and other types of pets, for both the pet's and the driver's safety.

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