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Pet Shipping

Pet Relocation Services

​for international or domestic long-distance quotes



​** Please note we do NOT ship puppies by Ground.

For the latest information on puppy scams - see http://www.ipata.org/pet-scams/

***Please note United has made new restrictions for the Airline:

They now only accept cats and dogs.

They will allow reservations beginning June 18th, 2018 for pets traveling on the same flight as there pet parents or guardian beginning July 9, 2018.

They will allow reservations beginning July 16, 2018 for pets traveling alone with travel beginning July 30, 2018.

They also will NOT ship any snub-nosed cats or dogs, strong-jawed dog breeds, or custom built kennels.

​Private, Exclusive ground transport in the USA and Canada

Some breeds of dogs and cats are not allowed to fly with commercial airlines either due to the perceived or real aggression of the breed or, in some cases, for the safety of the pet. Some short nosed breeds of dogs for example may not be allowed to fly on commercial airlines because it is felt that flight conditions could compromise their health.

Clients choose us because:

  • Kennels are not required for dogs, but are recommended.
  • We transport one family's pets, at a time. We do not, generally, offer shared rides. 
  • We take rest stops with your pet every 3-4 hrs, and provide numerous, frequent, photo and text updates.
  • We guarantee our pickup date and time to within 1 hour.

What is door to door
​service with air?

  • We make the airline reservations
  • Pickup at your home and check the pet into cargo
  • Help you purchase proper kennel size and type
  • Prepare and verify your export documentations
  • Clear your pet through customs
  • Delivery to new home
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Flight Reservations - We are experts at researching the best possible flights, and making all of the arrangements for your pet.
  • Flight Kennel Sales - We stock affordable, high-quality, airline-compliant travel kennels of the correct type and size in accordance with IATA and FDA regulations. We stock airline cups, bedding, etc. in a variety of sizes and prices.
  • Export and Travel Documentation - We are experts on each country's specific requirements. We will organize the paperwork, USDA endorsement, veterinarian visits, etc.
  • Customs clearing
  • Overnight and day kenneling (associated with pet moves)
  • Personalized email and text photo updates throughout the journey

Door to Door pet relocation serivces within the USA or to anywhere in the world